Hawaii False Alarms Angers Residents

Hawaii had a false alarm over the weekend, sending it’s residents running around, terrified.  This warning was so surreal that state agencies where alerting locals of the nonexistent missile attack. People were thinking they were the state was under attack from North Korea.

If you do not know the connection, you must first understand by going back to the tragedy of the Korean Airlines Flight 007.

This tragedy occurred in 1983. It began as a voyage from a Korean airliner flight from the city of Anchorage to Seoul, South Korea, which had somehow strayed into Soviet airspace. The air officers on duty that day thought it to be an American spy plane.

Hawaii Residents Receive False Alert Of Ballistic Attacks

To make the airplane understand it was out of bounds, the Russian officers shot off warning shots. Unfortunately, the aircraft gave no response, so the officers had no choice but to shoot it down, killing all two hundred and sixty-nine passengers and workers on board.

The even graver lesson that went down happened next. Although it was very apparent that the evidence has shown that it was a mistake. They were very evident distrust and more nuclear deterrence than average, even more so than the many deaths. This quickly came to a massive conflict that neither the United States wanted nor Russia.

This particular case prevails how information can be misinterpreted. The short minute response taken by the Russians had possibly started a nuclear war. During the time, Ronald Reagan had just taken office in the year 1981, and he had pledged to millions of Americans to confront the back than the Soviet Union. Reagan intended on stopping the Soviet aggression but only made matters worse. Moscow had understood Reagan’s attempt to smooth things out as a threat, and he declared the U.S. an enemy.