Salma Hayek Mourns Death Of Her Dog

The beautiful Latina Actress Salma Hayek this morning is mourning the death of a beloved family member. Salma Hayek is an Oscar-nominated Latina American actress and a lover of all furry animals. The fifty-one-year-old shared on her social media a picture of herself with her beloved dog. On Wednesday morning she shared the photo on her Instagram social media account with more than a million fans. Alongside with the image, she shared that it has been an incredible eighteen years with her dog, Lupe.

Salma Hayek says her dog Lupe had such a great spirit. Also that her and her family will miss her very much so. She had a lot of love for Lupe and she was her bestfriends through the years. Salma shared that she has no words to be able to express how much Lupe meant to her and her family. Also, that she hopes she will run free in doggy heaven.

Salma Hayek Mourns The Death Of Her Loving Pooch

In early 2016 the actress Salma Hayek lost another one of her beloved dogs and took it just as hard. In 2016 it was said that the Oscar-nominated actress neighbor shot her last dog Mozart. Local news news sites say that Salma Hayek’s dog was getting into the neighbor’s trash and began attacking their dogs and causing a bunch of problems. Around the time she lost her dog,

After the death of Mozart, she was not posting on her social media accounts. Her  friends, family and fans were worrying about her. After the passing of her beloved dog in 2016, she later published that she hadn’t been posting online because she was still mourning the death of Mozart. Salma Hayek found her dog Mozart in her large ranch fields the following day and reported her findings.