Vikings Super Fan Going To Super Bowl

Millie Wall, a 99-year-old Minnesota Vikings super fan has seen a lot during her time here on Earth. However, Sunday night, she was able to see her team play in person.

Since first becoming a part the league in 1961, Millie has been a fan. Unfortunately, she had never had the chance to attend any of their playoff games. When someone from Vikings caught wind her story, they were sure to change that for Ms. Millie.

Millie’s granddaughter Ashley posted a video on Instagram of her grandmother receiving tickets to the game. She was in absolute shock!

Millie normally spends her Sunday nights watching her team play from the comfort of her home. She likes to drink screwdriver cocktails and tends to throw a foam brick at her TV when players mess up.

During last Sunday, Ashely says that her grandmother did not reach for her stress brick. Stefon Diggs was able to bring in the win for the Vikings after scoring the final play. The Vikings won 29-24.

 Vikings Super Fan Wants To See Them At Super Bowl LII

Also, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell came down to visit with Millie. At that time, he gave her tickets to Super Bowl LII. The game is going to be played at the Vikings’ stadium in two weeks.

In order for Millie to check off seeing her team win the Super Bowl, they still have to beat one more team. They play the Philadelphia Eagles January 21 in Philly. If the Vikings win, she will be able to see her favorite team play in her home city.

There are already hashtags floating around the internet with her name. One making its rounds is #MillieToPhilly so that she can make the game.

However, if the her team doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl, Millie will still be there, cheering her team on from the stands.