Pope Francis Marries Couple On Plane

For the first time in world history, there was a small wedding ceremony held in the air. Pope Francis happy married a mid-age couple on an airplane traveling from two cities in the country of Chile. Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriga and his wife Paula Podesta Ruiz had been married in their earlier years. However, they want to ask Pope Francis for his blessings.

Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriga is forty-one, and his wife Paula Podesta Ruiz is thirty-nine years old. The couple explained to Pope Francis that they were only to marry in the civil service when they were younger. They asked if he would bless their marriage on the airplane that day. The couple say they weren’t able to have a church wedding at the time. Te reason being because of the large earthquake that took place in Santiago the capital of Chile in 2010.

Pope Francis Marries Couple Aboard Plane

With a smile on his face, Pope Francis asked the couple if he wanted them for him to marry them once again with his blessings. The Pope said it would be an honor to perform a short ceremony for the couple. The airplane was only traveling a short distance from the Santiago the capital of Chile to a northern city of Iquique of Chile. The boss of the airline that day happy stood by Paula Podesta Ruiz and Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriga as a witness of the wedding ceremony. Pope Francis performed for the couple a Catholic wedding ceremony while up in the air.

The Pope and his team wrote out a handwriting religious document proving the marriage took place on the airplane. On the single sheet of paper, the groom, the bride and the witness signed the handwriting marriage document. Steve Dorsey, a correspondent for the CBS newscast, was able to take a picture of the report.  and shared it on his personal social media account where it were millions saw the beautiful image.