Delta Changing Rules For Flying Animals

People calling snakes or pigs service animals should beware if flying Delta airlines. The airline has changed rules about allowing these animals to fly.

If your pig, cat or bird is in a carrier that fits under the seat, and you pay an extra fee, they can fly. The disabled will still be able to travel with their service animals. It seems ‘Emotional Support Animals’ are the problem.

Delta’s new rules are the result of an increase in travelers insisting their pets must fly with them. Parts of the new rules also include submission of forms indicating pet health and immunizations. Also, the traveler must now submit doctor or mental health papers that confirm the need for an Emotional Support Animal.

Delta Decides To Change Regulations For Animal Boarding Their Planes

Paperwork concerning the training of these animals is due 48 hours before a flight. If they do not receive the confirmations in time, they animals will not be able to board the flight with their caregivers.

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides that no one can demand proof that an animal is a service animal. Many people have taken advantage of the law and claimed that their pet is a service animal.However, in certain cases, the animals are emotional support systems for their caregivers.

Though many animals including ducks and pigs emotional support animals for some people, only dogs and miniature horses have the ‘service animal’ designation.
In 2000 a pig used as an emotional support animal was the cause of disruption on an airplane.

Some that work with the disabled are disgruntled by what they consider fakery. The concern stems from people bringing disruptive, untrained animals into airports and other public places. According to advocates, service animals receive extensive training and are not disruptive.

They want the public to know there is a difference between service animals and emotional support animals.