Grammy Awards 2018 Held In New York

There is a reason why the Grammy Awards are generally in places other than New York. New York is just too expensive. According to producer Ken Ehrlich, everything from hotel rooms to stagehands is more expensive in New York compared to Los Angeles. The show has not been in New York in 15 years.

The 60th-anniversary show will air on January 28 at Madison Square Garden. It took two years to iron out the deal to bring the Grammys back to New York. The mayor’s office estimates the show will infuse close to $200 million dollars into the economy.

Grammy Awards To  Be Held In New York

Another report indicates the show is $6 to 8 million dollars over budget. Neil Portnow, the Academy president, stated the dollar amount was correct but he refused to say “over budget.” Instead, choosing to highlight the differences between costs associated with producing shows in Los Angeles versus New York.

The ways the city thought they could help fund the show haven’t turned out according to plan. Julie Menin from the mayor’s office disputes this and says the city delivered everything they said they would. To help with show expenses, the city was able to raise contributions as well as in-kind advertising. They raised nearly 5 million dollars to help defray costs.

Areas of fundraising that fell short include union givebacks and sponsorship from Adidas. The stagehand union was able to grant a quarter of a million dollars, but there was a need for more. However, the amount donated by Adidas fell short as well.

Menin from the mayor’s office felt some of the extra expenses have to do with changes made to the show. She felt producers were now trying to raise additional funds.

The Grammys always have spectacular, costly showcases. This year is no exception. This year’s show will reportedly feature a remote performance by U2 from the Hudson River.