Cape Town Running Out Of Water

A city in the south part of Africa, Cape Town, is now being called day zero because the day is coming when the taps of water will run dry. A while back officials for the city were estimating the day zero to go on April 12th, 2018. However, the date changed recently. In this past week, city officials announced day zero would be in full effect on the 12th of April 2018.

Although, it may only be a ten-day difference they are taking this very seriously. Cape Town in the south part of Africa is the second largest city in Africa. South Africa’s Cape Town is also the highest city to bring in international tourist every single year.

Sadly, the resident of this African city are now living a different way than before due to the decrease in water. City officials of the South African city say resident have to be careful in their everyday living.  The reason being they are in need of fresh water.

Cape Town Losing Water Water Supply Fast

Residents and some of the tourist are having to recycle bath water to assist in flushing their toilets. Everyone in Cape Town are only taking 90 second showers.

Many people in South Africa at first did not make it too dangerous of a water issue, but it is the most significant problem of their time. A resident of the city, Darryn Ten says that  that their residents that are not washing their hair everyday.  He says that they are being socially responsible.

The crisis of day zero has been in slow motion for some time, and in the past several years Cape Town has experienced the worst drought in well over a century. Now the town in the South part of Africa is facing a potentially deadly horizon. Day zero will affect over four million resident in Cape Town.