Japanese Woman Sues Government

A woman from Japan was a victim of sterilization by force at the young age of fifteen years old. The reason being; mental health issues. Thousands of women and men in Japan become victims of sterilization by force. The Japanese woman is one of the very first to change the countries past eugenics laws. She intends to do it by suing the Japanese government.

The now older lady, in her mid-sixties, is seeking to receive eleven million yens. That number equals out to around seventy-two thousand dollars in America. The Kyodo News in Japan reports the woman is claiming the events that took place were a violation of her human rights.

Japanese Woman Receives Money

After the horrific forced sterilization took place, the medical staff gave her no support after the procedure.  However, she has documents to support her truth. The Japanese eugenics law ran up until 1996 under the government’s legislation. Health authorities estimate around sixteen thousand Japanese residents were victims of sterilization by force. Be that as it may, the plaintiff in the case of the woman in her mid-sixties remands unknown.

The woman alongside her closest sister in law together they spoke of the pain she went through. Especially since she could no longer have any babies. “I have been through some agonizing days and plenty of nights, and it’s time I stand up to make our Japanese society brighter,” says the victim.

Katsunobu Kato, the health minister of the hospital where the event took place, did not comment on her case because he shared that he was unaware of the specific’s of this particular case. The government of Japan announced that they plan to give the proper help to anyone who was forced into sterilization but says there are no plans to provide financial support to all the people who fell victims.