Rasual Butler and Wife Die In Car Crash

On Wednesday morning, Ex NBA player Rasual Butler was found dead in a single-car crash. The incident occurred in Los Angeles, California.

According to reports, Butler lost control of his Range Rover in the early hours of Wednesday. The car struck a parking meter before slamming into a nearby wall. L.A. police confirm that the vehicle was going well over the speed limit.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation. His wife, Leah LaBelle, was in the car during the crash as well. She was a former contestant on American Idol and was pursuing an R&B career. Sadly, her time was cut short, as she too died.

Rasual Butler And Wife Die In Car Accident Wednesday Morning

Butler’s NBA career began in 2002, after being the 24th pick during the 2nd round by the Miami Heat. He also spent ten with the Raptors. Butler was with the league for ten years.

However, instead of bowing out, Rasual began to work out harder to get back in shape. Though he was now playing in the D-League, he was still in the game.

During that time, he was averaging 17.8 points a game. Als0, 5.1 rebounds. After playing in the D-League, he chose to play for the NBA Lad Vegas Summer League. He was years older than most of the players. However, he wanted to prove the league that he was a great asset. His hard work was paying off for Rasual as he received an invite from the Pacers to training camp.

Due to Danny Granger’s injury at the time, Butler was able to earn a spot on the opening night roster. It wasn’t easy for him to receive playing time, though. He had to tough it out at camp to the best of his abilities. At the time, he was 34, and he was always ready for a call from coach Frank Vogel. Butler was 38 at the time of his death.