Writing Can Help Improve Your Health

Many people believe sitting in front of a computer typing all day or only writing with a pen and paper cannot be good for your health. Hundreds of studies have proven that there are some remarkable health benefits if you are writing on a regular basis. Some of the links include improving the quality of your sleeping habits, decreasing stress levels, strengthen your memory and many other positive health benefits can come from merely writing.

Many Oncologists recommend their cancer patients to write every day because writing can help them cope with their illness. Cancer patients will often write about their experiences, their struggles, to help come to terms with their situation. The links between writing and cancer patients are lowering stress levels. Also, it can have the potential to improve the physical outcomes of types of cancers. Doctors who specialize in cancer patients say their clients do not have only to struggle. Some cancer patients will write poetry instead.

Writing Can Be Good For Your Mental and Physical Health

A recent study from New Zealand’s University of Auckland covered around one hundred participants. Fifty percent of the participants were asked to write every day for twenty minutes. The topic was about their hardest life struggles. However,  the other half were to write about their plans for the next day.

Keep in mind, all of the people volunteering for this study had small wounds on their body. The woulds were from fingers to elbow from a cut on their leg to a scratch on their nose. Those who were to write about their most horrific life experiences wounds healed faster than the people only writing about their plans for the next day. People putting their problems down on paper wounds healed three to five days more quickly than the other half of the group.