Parenthood star Monica Potter Husband Divorce

The primary charter on Parenthood television series Monica Potter has recently divorced from her husband. An Orthopedic doctor Daniel Christopher Allison has called it quits with his wife Monica Potter in early February 2018. A couple of Daniel Christopher Allison and Monica Potter have one beautiful child together and have been married since mid-2005.

Their daughter is now almost in middle school her name is Molly Bridgid and is twelve years old. Monica Potter has had two older children from a former relationship. Her ex-husband from her two older sons is Tom Potter. The two sons they shared in their marriage youngest is Liam Potter and Daniel Potter. Daniel Potter is twenty-seven years old, and Liam Potter is twenty-three years old.

Parenthood Star And Husband Divorce

A close family friend of Monica Potter says the fantastic actress in Parenthood is very heartbroken. Also, sad over her recent divorce with Daniel Christopher Allison. Daniel Christopher Allison and Monica Potter are very are going to focus in co-parenting their daughter.

On February 2nd, 2018 the actress from Parenthood shared on her social media accounts a lovely pray to express how she is feeling during this time. The celebrity actress is only forty-six years old. However, she keeps God very active in his life. The prayer she shared on her social media accounts appeared to show what she is currently dealing with.

In the description of her prayer, she wrote “Lord our heavenly father I know you are here for me in the good times and bad times in my life. “Lord, please guide and help me in the time of need,” says Potter. “Please have patience with me during the trails as I wait for your answers and thank you for loving me so much.” To all of her fans and followers on her social media accounts, she just asks for prayer for herself. Also, for her now ex-husband and her daughter in at this time.