Presidential Race In Mexico Going Strong

In the presidential race in the country of Mexico Sir. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been maintaining double digits in the race. His team is hoping that he will keep the double-digit numbers for the elections. The election will occur July 2018. From now to July 2018 he is doing very well compared to his rivals.

The recent news poll was came out on February 6, 2018, announcing there is a close gap between the people running for president in Mexico. Sir. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador used to be the Mayor of Mexico City, Mexico. He also has tried to run for president in the past two times to be exact. Sir. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presidential race has gone up three percent since the end of November 2017. As of right now Sir. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is leading the presidential race by thirty-eight percent reports the newspaper in Mexico City El Financiero.

Presidential Race In Mexico

A previous chairman of the conservative National Action Party Ricardo Anaya is supporting him throughout the presidential race in Mexico. Ricardo Anaya is now leading both right and left coalition. The coalition has increased to twenty-seven percent in a total gross of seven points since he has been on board. Jose Antonio Meade who is a former finance minister is also running in the presidential race in Mexico has been ruling the Institutional Revolutionary Party, and they have had a growth of only two points.

Jose Antonio Meade official party is in the last place at only twenty-two percent. It is being said since Jose Antonio Meade is in fact in third place because of the backlash his team has against the PRI. Jose Antonio Meade presidential whole team could down do to scandals and just be taken off altogether from the race to be president in Mexico.