Girl Scout Sells 300 Boxes Of Cookies

One girl in San Diego, California was able to make a good amount of money selling Girl Scout Cookies. She did so, in front of a marijuana dispensary.

According to the young girl’s father, she was able to sell over 300 boxes in less than 6 hours.

Though Girl Scouts San Diego doesn’t start selling their cookies for another week, scouts can still sell them from their wagons. They can do so, as long as there is a parent or guardian around.

As long as there was a parent or guardian present during the sales, the little girl was well within the rules.

This news came from Alison Bushan who is a Girl Scout as well.

According to rules from the organization, since she was using a wagon and was not on the property, she did not break any rules. However, if there were a booth set up in front of the establishment, the story would sing a different tune.

As times in the U.S. continue to change, so do the outlook on certain situation such as these.

Back in 2014, Girl Scout of America Colorda had to issue a statement. They did so after a scout should more than 100 boxes of delicious treats in a matter of two hours. She was standing outside of a dispensary in San Francisco.

The branch sent out a tweet. In the tweet it said that they do not allow their Girl Scouts to sell cookies in front of certain shops. More so those who sell liquor or marijuana.

Kelly Parisi, the chief of communications for Girl Scouts of the USA shared some information with the LA Times. She says that each region makes their own decisions on how to run their cookie program. The safety of the children as always their main concern as is their well-being.