Kevin Hart At The Super Bowl

Everyone knows that the Philadelphia football all-star team has been waiting patiently for around fifty years to win the Super Bowl. The famous, well-known comedian, actor, and Philadelphia Native Mr. Kevin Hart was not going to let that moment pass at all that night. The comedian along with thousands of people was in the stands were on edge during the entirety of the game. Kevin Hart was so happy  to be able to see the Philadelphia Eagles play against the New England Patriots. The Philadelphia Eagles won from forty one to thirty-three against the New England Patriots.

Kevin Hart Makes Fool Out Himself At Eagles Super Bowl Game

Like all the other fans once the Philadelphia Eagles took a win he ran from the stands to celebrate their victory. Everyone made their way down to the field to join the sweaty football players to celebrate at the winner’s podium. Although the security that night at the massive Super Bowl game was not going to let it happen. Moments later the comedian-actor Kevin Hart found hid away to the NFL Network panels.  He was where they were broadcasting the football game live. The board of the NFL Network hosts was happy to see Kevin Hart after the game. However, they did not expect to see him to under the influence of alcohol.

Kevin Hart shared with the host of the NFL Network that he has been doing a lot of drinking in celebration to the game. Seconds later he grabbed the microphone while he was attempting to explain Philadelphia Eagles substantial efforts to win. Although, instead what came out of the comedian’s mouth was we gave a bleep on live television. Right after he realized what he has said he immediately returned the microphone and was escorted off the stage from the NFL Network Hosts.