Queen Elizabeth Loses Swans To Flu

Not everyone knows that Queen Elizabeth loves her all types of birds. In fact, she has her swans on a lake near where she lives. The bird flu has been around where Queen Elizabeth’s swans can fly freely. The UK officials report that the bird flu is spreading rapidly.  So far, they have killed thirty of the Queen’s swans. We are expecting the bird flu to spread to even more of Queen Elizabeth’s flock of swans. This information come froms UK officials. The official officer that is responsible for the Queens flock of swans is David Barber. says they have been recovering the deceased swans in the river by the castle.

David Barber the official officer that is responsible for the Queens flock of swans says this is the first time in over twenty-four years seeing so many birds dead. We have not seen the bird flu ever hit this part of the United Kingdom. The whole royal staff and of course Queen Elizabeth is very upset about the situations of so many dead birds.

Queen Elizabeth loses Swans Due To Flu

When the officials noticed the sick birds an alter was sent to the Department for Environment. As well as to the Department of Food and Rural Affairs. Queen Elizabeth’s officials sent another alter to the rehabilitation center. They asked for assistance to support the swans that still had a chance to live.

The alter came to a surprise for all the departments involved. This has never been an issue at the Queen’s residence at the Windsor Castle. The location is in the west part of London. The director of operations at Swan Support for the Queen, Wendy Harmon, says it is normal to see swans died throughout the year but this time was different. After a while, we began noticing more of the Queens birds dying, and the ones that were alive were sickly, says Wendy Harmon. Once we saw that we had the dead and swans still living tested and it came back being the bird flu.