PepsiCo Posts Flat Sale Since The End of 2017

PepsiCo, who sells great drinks worldwide has had a decrease in some of its revenue lately. Near the end of 2017 and now into the new year PepsiCo has been struggling. They now have to cut some jobs. However, they plan to give others bonuses. Some up to one thousand dollars.

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, PepsiCo announced that the employees being laid off only amounts to less than one percent of all their workers worldwide. The cuts will be affecting their corporate employees at this point. The Pepsi Company has well over one hundred thousand workers worldwide and appreciates them all.

PepsiCo Laying Off Thousands of Workers

PepsiCo says the much-needed bonuses will go to the hard workers that make their drinks, snacks and of course the drivers.  Like many of the other thousands of companies in the U.S.,  Pepsi Company has significant overhaul issues. America’s tax code has completely changed, and for that reason, they will be giving out bonuses.

There are no specifics on how many of our workers will receive the bonuses or how much or even the criteria to receive the bonuses, says PepsiCo. Due to the recent change in tax codes in the U.S. PepsiCo has plans to increase its annual dividend by fifteen percent. The company also wants to bump up its shares in buyback organizations to fifteen billion from twelve billion dollars.

Sales for the company have decreased a lot in the U.S. which include their oatmeal business Quaker. Also, Doritos maker Frito-Lay, soda and water unit companies. Thankfully their deals in Africa, Europe, and Latin America have increased in the last few months. In New York, the organization revealed that they lost seven million in the three months at the end of December. Two and a half billion dollars temporary net duty cost identified with the assessment update.