British Accent From Foreign Accent Syndrome

A woman who has never been out of the U.S. woke up one morning with a British accent. Michelle Myers says that people tell her that she sounds like Mary Poppins.

Meyers has had issues in the past with going to bed with blinding headaches. However, when she wakes up, her accent is different.

The first incident caused her to speak with an Irish accent. The second occurrence, she came out with an Australian accent. What makes it different this time is that though her accent is British, it hasn’t gone away.

Officials note that she is not faking her accent. Michelle Meyers gave her the diagnosis of Foreign Accent Syndrome. This specific condition is extremely rare and is due to neurological damage.

She says when she was younger she would tell her mother that her bones were hurting her.

Meyers has been to the hospital numerous times over the years, and keeps all of her medical records. Doctors claim that she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

According to health officials, the disease can cause bruising and painful joints.

However, it also the cause of her British accent.

Meyers says that she wishes things would go back to normal. It saddens her to older videos of her speaking in her usual accent. She says it makes her not feel like herself.

Be that as it may, she tries to remain positive at times. Meyers has seven children that he absolutely adores. She loves to play with them, and hear them sing.

However, right now, she just wants folks to take her more seriously.

She told reporters that people tell her that they think its more physiological than psychological. Either way, she and others like her don’t care. They just want people to take them more serious and to help them, not hurt them.