Russians Charged With Interfering With Election

On Friday, February 16, 2018, thirteen men were criminally charged in Russia for interfering with the United States election in 2016. The report Friday came from the office of the special counsel. However, Robert Mueller office staff team members say that there were three Russians entities on top of the thirteen that are being charged in Russia. Some included in this whole incident is the troll farm Internet Research Agency out of Russia.

The U.S. has been indicted by the federal grand jury in Washington DC. The proof that has brought these thirteen men into question includes thirty-seven pages of indictment alleges all from Russia plans. Russia was supporting the presidential campaign in 2016 and was decidedly pro Donald J Trump. They were adamant about getting him into office. The men were disparaging the other candidates that were in the running as well such as Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was Donald Trump’s most prominent Democratic opponent in the presidential race of 2016.

Russians Charged With Interfering With 2016 U.S. Elections

All the men in question posed as if they were Americans and had planned operations on bogus social media accounts. They would buy advertisements as well as fake political rallies all over the United States. The Russians involvement did not stop there at all. They also stole hundreds of United States citizens identities. After taking the characters of real American people, they would post on those fake accounts and post lies.

The Russians built a computer system mainly to hide from the American government but were able to run in Russia. Federal officials say that the charges on these Russians date as far back from early 2014. All thirteen of the defendants conspired to defraud America. They did so by obstructing and defeating the lawful functions of the US government. Thus, impairing America during the presidential race in 2016.