Russian Athlete Drops Dirty During Olympics

After winning a bronze medal in curling during the Winter Olympics, the Russian athlete failed their preliminary doping test. Alexander Krushelnytsky, the athlete at hand, is the first Russian athlete in Pyeongchang to be under investigation for using a banned substance. He and his wife compete in the mixed doubles.

Meldonium, a heart medicine that increases the blood flow was in his routine urine sample. A ban has been on the drugs since 2016 for most sports. According to officials, Alexander will have to complete a second test. This information comes from an organization that represents the Olympic Athletes from Russia. Over 160 Russian athletes had to have clearance before competing at the Games.

Russian Athlete Drops Dirty

Only one other athlete, Kei Saito, who is a speedskater for Japan, also failed a doping test. On the day of his arrival, his tests came back positive for acetazolamide, which is a masking agent. It was an out-of-competition doping test.

Officials with the Olympic Athletes From Russia were able to confirm that one of their athletes was indeed under investigation. However, at the time, they were not able to speak publicly about the incident until it there was confirmation that it was Alexander.

This does not make for goods news for the country of Russia.

Back in December, Russia was barred from the Olympics. The reason was for a state-backed doping program that was going on during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Due to the scandal, many officials, athletes, and coaches were barred. However, the International Olympic Committee was thinking about letting Russian athletes walk under their national flag. They were not to do so during the opening ceremonies but were going to be able to during the closing ceremonies. When someone from Russia wins a gold medal, they will play the Olympic anthem instead of the national anthem for Russia.