Pets Can Help With Mental Health Problems

Recent research has finally proved that having pets or a pet in your family can give actual health benefits. Especially for people suffering from mental health issues. There are seventeen meta-analyses academic research paperwork that supports the evidence of having a pet. There are reviews and testimonials from actual pet owners stating that their various pets offer them much needed support.

An increasing amount of doctors are pointing to the positive of their mental health patients that have pets in their homes. Some of the mental health issues that people suffer from include PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. All of these mental health issues were all apart of the study of the benefits fur babies offer.

Benefits Of Having Pets In The Home

People with animals and the research reveals that their fur babies offer the feeling of continuity and stability. Also, that they give that sense of meaning in one’s life. The CDC reports their findings of children struggling with mental health problems as well and how having a pet improves their overall health.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are always encouraging moms and dads to get their young children pets. Having a dog or cat or any pet at a young age can bring them out of their shells. Children with pets are unlikely to have anxiety. However, if they do, it will improve the anxiety and decrease the body mass index improving their overall health.

In the UK at the University of Liverpool Doctor Helen Louise Brooks published all the findings of the tests in the journal BMC Psychiatry. The book is called The Study of Pets and Mental Health Problems. There are over eight thousand articles, but Doctor Helen Louise Brooks narrowed down all the proof into seventeen pages. In general, the audit found that animals helped these members to deal with their feelings and offered a diversion from the side effects of their emotional wellness condition.