Blue Whale Body Vandalized in Chile

A dead beached blue whale in Chile is attracting a lot of attention following its death. Many locals recall seeing others climbing atop the dead creature and pictures detail messages carved into its skin.

The whale washed up near Punta Arenas, a region in Southern Chile. Officials had to call the Chilean Navy to come control the situation because it was starting to get out of hand quickly. They blocked off the area surrounding the whale so that scientist could adequately document the creature.

However, the damage had already been done. Photographs surfaced on social media of people sitting atop the dead whale taking selfies and numerous messages scratched into it. It is essential that the remains of the whale are examined because they are often difficult to study in the wild. The massive length of the animal makes it difficult to get accurate readings, and they are hard to track as well.

Blue Whale Washes Upon Shore In Chile

Scientists cite the blue whale as the most massive animal to have existed. This particular whale measured in at 66 feet. The record for the longest ever recorded was 110 feet. The vandalism to the whale’s carcass has become a trending topic on social media. One tweet showing pictures of people sitting on the whale along with carved messages has gained over 18,000 retweets.

Most people are furious with the treatment of the majestic creature. However, others feel that since it is already dead, the treatment of the carcass does not matter. One veterinarian from Chile claims that starvation was a likely cause of death and the whale might have hit a boat before washing upon shore. No one knows how the whale became beached or how old it was when it died. Scientists say blue whales could over 80 years, but the longest a studied whale lived 34 years.