Ulta Beauty Currently Facings Class Action Suits

Ulta Beauty is under fire for allegedly selling products that were previously used. The upscale makeup company is currently in the news for facing two class-action lawsuits. The suits claim that that employees were repackaging  items for resale that people were returning due to damage.

Kimberly Brown, a plaintiff in one case, says that Ulta Beauty was her go to store for personal care items. That is until she saw a post on Twitter from someone previously employed with the company. She said that managers told her and other workers to reseal items and just put them back up for sale.

Also in the ost were pictures of different products. In one photo she says that Ulta employees were to clean used foundation sticks with Q-tips and put them back on shelves. People from around the globe were posting their similar experiences.

Ulta Beauty Facing Class 2 Action Law Suits Over Repackaging Their Products For Resale

Brown says that the information was surprising. She says that would never use their products knowing that they repackage old and used items.

However, a company executive for Ulta says in a video on their site that these claims are untrue. But Brittany Ludwig, a former manager for Ulta Beauty told reporters that some employees were cleaning eyeshadows and lip products. Also, that some employees were putting items such as shampoos and lotions back on shelves.

At another, she said, shampoos, lotions, and other items in bottles were to go back on the shelf. The only reason why she would do it too is because high-level managers would make her.

Ulta reports that they are 100% sure that their stores uphold their practices and policies. The reason for Brown filing the suit is because consumers shouldn’t have to worry about companies lying when buying their items.