Children In America Still Face Obesity

Researchers report on Monday, February 26, 2018, that children of America that are overweight are only getting worse. The researchers found that children under the age of five years old are becoming severely obese. America is one of the leading countries with the highest obesity rate around the world. Small children are more commonly growing obese.

The experts say it is the push market for junk food that is to blame for our American children’s weight issues. Despite all the evidence hundreds of studies done it is affecting little kids health in the long run due to the food intake and lack of exercise. The society of the United States of America is based on technology and junk food.

Children and Teens In America Continue To Gain Large Amounts Of Weight

Young teens of America raging from ages sixteen to ninety are forty percent over their BMI. The team that held this recent study is the Wake Forest University and Duke University. The university found that kids ranging from two years old to five years old are around twenty-six percent obese in their little bodies. The studies were came from the Journal Pediatrics.

Ashley Cockrell Skinner was in charge of the studies done by both Universities and said this is not good for the further of America’s kids. In recent years the numbers of obese children have not decreased at all but have stayed the same numbers. For all kids in theUS under the age of eighteen, there is no evidence of any declines in the obesity.

In the last two decades, America has been focusing and promoting to end the childhood obesity epidemic. However, there seems to be no progress. Former first lady Michelle Obama started his campaign called “Let’s Move”. She went all over our Nation encouraging healthy eating habits and exercise at schools. However, change there needs be a change because kids are still gaining mass amounts of weight.