Disneyland Paris Getting a $2.5 Billion Upgrade

Disneyland in the city of love, Paris France, is getting a significant upgrade. The update, of course is coming from the Walt Disney Company. They plan to spend $2.5 billion dollars to expand their Disneyland Paris location. Bob Iger, the chairman CEO announced on Tuesday, February 27, 2018, three of the newest additions will feature well-known franchises. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, says the three franchises will be Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the beloved movie, Frozen.

Disneyland in Paris and the residents are excited to see what is to come to the location, says Iger. They are also eager to continue to see the future growth that Walt Disney Company is investing in Disney in France.
The current location in Paris France is already the leading tourist destination in the continent of Europe. The more to come in expanding the tourist destination will only add to the attractions.

Disneyland Paris Expansion Bringing Hope and Excitement

There are many things for people to look forward to. This includes elevated entertainment for guest experiences, new opportunities in the region and unique storytelling to create new areas of attractions. And of course, even more beloved characters for fans to engage with. The Walt Disney Company says they have plans to add a large lake in the Disneyland Paris are that will connect the three new attractions coming to the region.

Emmanuel Macron gave thanks to the chairman CEO on his social media accounts. He twitted at Iger saying thank you so much for the strong commitment and long-term investment to the Paris location. Emmanuel Macron also included that his confidence with France’s Disneyland gives him hope it will be even bigger than ever. The expansions to the Disneyland Paris will be done by the beginning of 2021. The addition will have three separate parts.