FBI Uncovers College Basketball Corruption

There is a current FBI investigation that is shaking up college basketball as we know it. Many elite NCAA programs and their players have ties to an underground recruiting operation. Some of the most well known men’s basketball programs are involved in this FBI investigation. That involvement could lead to punishment from the NCAA. It includes North Carolina, Duke, Michigan State and more, reports Yahoo news. The ongoing investigation has become explosive news when it first hit online.

The allegations center around NBA agent Andy Miller and his agency ASM Sports. The reports say Miller and the schools negotiated college players signing with his agency in exchange for top high school recruits. Reports uncovered paper trails of documents proving entertainment, travel expenses, and meals paid for college prospects as well as their families and cash advances.

Investigation Could Change College Basketball

Another scandal uncovered by the investigation involved Arizona head basketball coach Sean Miller. He was caught by the FBI discussing payments to then high school player DeAndre Ayton. The FBI allegedly has a recording of Miller via a wiretap. On the tape, they can hear Miller discussing payment of well over $1,000,000 to Ayton. Ayton is now a freshman for coach Miller’s team at Arizona.

We are not sure of the whole story right now for what is to come of the FBI investigation. The NCAA at this time has not given any statements about the current study. Former NBA player, author of Court Justice and former NCAA athlete Ed O’Bannon says this is a real shame if not it is the worst it could ever be. O’Bannon says at this point, he considers the information out of date. Personally, he believes all college basketball players deserve pay for their work. College basketball players are bringing television contracts, fans, and billions of dollars every year to the NCAA. They deserve to get a fair share.