Bridezilla Has To Pay $115K

Everyone has heard of a bridezilla. It is that bride that you can never make happy, and every discussion turns into a yelling match. Well, a bridezilla from Canada had plans to pay over a hundred thousand dollars to a photographer that specializes in weddings. The bridezilla was bashing the photographer for almost a year online. Doing so resulted in ruining the photographer’s businesses.

The owner of the image business is Kitty Chan. She has been heartbroken since this all first began. Kitty Chan had to close the doors to her business permanently. This all took place after a wedding that from early of January 2017.  The bridezilla, Emily Liao has set out to ruin Kitty Chan wedding images company with all her might. Emily Liao was doing everything in her power to destroy Kitty Chan’s business all because she was unhappy with her wedding pictures.

Bridezilla Owes Photography Company Over $100k

Kitty Chan’s business does not only specialize in wedding photos but other aspects of weddings as well. In Richmond, British Columbia, Emily Liao signed on the dotted line for her wedding for over six thousand dollars for Kitty Chan’s business to take over her wedding.

Kitty Chan’s company were in charge of decorations, hair & makeup specialists, flowers, and photography. Emily Liao’s marriage on the 4th of July in 2015. After Emily Liao received her pre-wedding pictures, she was hysterical and turned into an all-time bridezilla. Her wedding pictures were not from Kitty Chan’s business but another professional photographer.

The bridezilla testified that she was extremely unhappy with the end product of her wedding pictures. She says that they were poor quality, quantity, and repetition. In the courthouse, there were proofs that Kitty Chan has assured the angry bride that her concerns would be resolved once the images were touched up and edited. In the end, Emily Liao sued Kitty Chan in small claims, but the case was dismissed. Kitty Chan and her business ended up winning the one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars in a judgment against Emily Liao.