Daycare Provider Loses Foot To Bacteria

A daycare provider in Texas had to have an emergency amputation of his foot. He first thought it was a bad blister; however, it was actually a flesh-eating bacteria.

Raul Reyes had hurt his foot while working and figured the extra swelling was due to the injury. His wife, Joseline Reyes says that overnight, there was a blister on his foot that got bigger over time. On Feb. 23 Reyes decided to go local clinic in Houston. There they told him that he was indeed suffering from a flesh-eating bacteria.

After being admitted to the local hospital, X-rays determined that he required emergency surgery.

If the infection were to spread to his bloodstream, he could lose his life. Doctors did everything they could to save his foot, however, in the end, that had to amputate.

Daycare Provider Loses Foot Due To Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Joseline says that the doctors were trying their best to save her husband’s foot. They were trying to get as much bacteria out of Reyes’s foot but had to amputate it anyway to keep him alive.

Reports say that the doctors believe the infection came from an ingrown toenail wound that was open.

Family members are still trying to understand how the infections came to be about. The flesh-eating bacteria thrives in salt and brackish waters. According to Joseline, their family, have not been to any beach in more than a year.

Though these are troubling times, the daycare provider looks forward to returning home and continuing his day to day duties.

Raul is looking forward to beginning therapy for a prosthetic foot. Reports from his wife say that he is not letting the incident stop him from living his life fully.

The Reyes family has a GoFundMe page that is for help to pay for Reyes’s prosthetic foot.