France Changing Legal Age Of Consensual Sex

Some changes are taking place France. The change come after two recent cases of men being accused of having sexual intercourse with an eleven-year-old girl in the country. The plans are to correct the legal age to have sexual consent in France. This means that it will be rape if the child is younger than fifteen and has sexual relations with someone.

Doctors, legal Experts, and Marlene Schiappa an Equality Minister are very welcoming to the move of this law. Offenders will only receive a rape charge of a minor if there is no coercion. Also, if no violence under the France existing legislation. In the country, if a girl is not under distress while having intercourse with an older man, then it is not rape. This is according to France Law.

France Introducing A New Law For The Age Of Consensual Sex

Although, if the offender is fine is eighty-seven thousand dollars and a maximum five-year prison sentence. Non-minors and minors have the same penalties for the similar sexual assaults. Rape convictions tend to carry harsher punishments by the federal law in the country. A part of the package deal of law that is against harassment and sexual violence is all due to the government approving the new age limit.

The debate has been going on for a while now on what age is appropriate. Whether it be thirteen years old or fifteen years old for consensual sex. Both sides of the groups are fighting against violence against young children. Ms. Marlene Schiappa told local and international newscast that she is pleased with the outcome of the plans to change the law in France. The best part of all of this is that the higher age is now fifteen for consent.  Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, accepts the changes.