Christian McCaffrey Saves Man’s Life

Panther’s running back, Christian McCaffrey is making headlines for saving a 72-year old’s life. He says that the situation was very traumatic. While on a hike with two other football-playing friends, McCaffrey witnessed Dan Smoker Sr. land on a boulder after falling twenty feet.

McCaffrey relays his shock about the situation to the Panthers’ website, stating that he and his friends could not believe what they were seeing. After the man fell, his group and another ran to check on him. While one hiker was stabilizing the man’s neck, McCaffrey phoned 911. At the same time, Smoker Sr. almost seemed to cease breathing. That’s when Michael Mann, a friend of McCaffrey’s began performing CPR.

Christian McCaffrey Of The Carolina Panther’s Saves The Life Of A Man While Hiking

Smoker Sr. and his grandson, Eli Smoker, were hiking to Castle Rock at the time of the fall. Immeadiately, Eli called his parents who were in San Diego celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. His father, Dan Smoker Jr., was able to see what was going on through Eli’s phone. He automatically thought that his father had died.

According to Christian McCaffrey, it took a long time for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene. However, after looking at his call log, he saw that it only took them 11 minutes to reach the group.

Reports tell Smoker Sr. suffered from a broken neck, femur, pelvis, bleeding in the brain and nine fractured ribs. Though he has a long road of recovery ahead of him, Dan Smoker Jr. says he believes the quick rescue of his father helped prevent a worse case scenario. He believes that McCaffrey and his friends saved his father’s life.

After the horrific incident, Smoker Jr. says that McCaffrey and his friends have been to visit his father at the hospital.