Coca-Cola Launches New Alcoholic Beverage

Coca-Cola company has been around for some time now. However, they are planning to produce their very first alcoholic beverage in his long history. The very well known business has set plans to start it in Japan called alcopop-style. Japan is providing Coca-Cola’s first drink with a kick of alcohol. It is coming out of the big city of Chu-Hi.

It will be a sparkling flavored taste with social drinking called shohu and they will be sold in cans. Japan taste for drinks with a kick has been ever going especially in the city of Chu-Hi. The businesses newest alcoholic beverage will contain from three percent to eight percent of actually alcohol volume.

We are happy to start this process and get a slice of this market of alcoholic drinks beginning in Japan says the senior Coca-Cola executive. The Coca-Cola President in Japan Jorge Garduno says although we haven’t even dipped our feet in the active market we are faithful it will go well.

Coca-Cola Unveiling It’s First Alcoholic Drink Out Of Japan

The start of this alcoholic drink is an example of how they plan to expand their opportunities outside of the typical areas of the Coca-Cola brand. This information comes from the president of Coca-Cola in Japan, Jorge Garduno. As of right now, Coca-Cola’s first alcoholic drink is only available in Japan.

People of Japan are calling the drink an alternative beer because it has such a low volume of alcohol. It is especially popular with the women of Japan that do drink on occasion. Some of the highest sold drinks with a kick in the country of Japan are flavors such as peach, grape, and apple. More youthful purchasers look for less sugary drinks. Coca-Cola has been expanding from fizzy beverages, including purchasing water and tea brands.