Lower Cancer Risk With Vitamin D

A study conducted on Japanese adults says that higher levels of vitamin D in the human body may be beneficial. If you have higher vitamin D levels in your blood, it could lower the risk of developing certain cancers.

The Japanese researchers reported their findings to the BMJ medical journal.  However, their information claims that vitamin D protects the body from cancer. According to the research, this specific vitamin protects against the affects of different ailments.

 Lower Cancer Risks By In-taking More Vitamin D On A Daily Basis

Naturally, the vitamin comes from the sunlight especially on the sunniest days. Our skin respondsses to it by taking in the vitamin D through the pores of our skin. If you are maintaining your calcium levels in your body, it keeps healthy teeth, bones, and muscles.

As of right now, there is some medical evidence that having higher vitamin D levels in the body will protect you against some cancers and other chronic diseases. However, it is good for bone health overall. In North America and Europe have been the only countries who have covered studies supporting vitamin D levels.

The concentration of the vitamin can be different from every person depending on their ethnicity. Also, where they live in the world. However, the study that helped in Japan was done on six individuals at a medical school. It was to determine the potential of lowering the risks of certain cancers in just Asians.


Public health records in Japan indicate that thirty-three thousand women and men ranging from ages forty to sixty-nine were apart of this study. The researchers had detailed medical records of each person from their lifestyle, blood work and diets. Past investigations have demonstrated that low levels of the vitamin increases the danger of bone breaks, coronary illness, , diabetes,  and Alzheimer’s.