Black Panther Continues It’s Reign In Theaters

The movie “Black Panther” is in the number 1 spot this weekend after raking in $41.1 million by Sunday. So far, the movies as accumulated $1 billion worldwide, and is the 7th highest grossing domestic film.

However, Disney is still raking in the dough with their move ” A Wrinkle in Time” which came out over the weekend. It was able to bring in $33.3 million opening weekend. Other movies to come out such as “The Hurrican Heist” and “Gringo” were also able to bring in numbers. “The Hurricane Heist” came in 8th place this weekend with $3.2 million. “Gringo” was only able to bring $2.6 million and was in 11th place. “Thoroughbreds” was only able to make $1.2 million over the weekend. Amando Iannucci’s ” The Death Stalin” was in four theaters over the nation and brought in $180,000.

Black Panther Continues To Do Well In Move Theaters Worldwide And Domestically

There was room somewhere for the “The Shape Of Water” which was able to win an Academy Award for best picture. It is now available for people who watch home videos. The movie is still playing in 720 theaters and was able to make another 2$2.4 million over the weekend. The domestic total for this film is at $61 million as of this weekend.

Though “Black Panther” is doing well not only for movie theaters and Disney it’s making it hard for other movies to receive a piece of the pie. According to senior analyst Paul Dergarabedin, every movie that has come out since has had to work hard. People keep underestimating how much money the film is going to make. There are no signs of the film slowing down anytime soon which is great for those a part of the film.

On Monday, estimation for ticket sales from Friday through Sunday from U.S. and Canadian theaters will be released this up and coming Monday.