Plane Carrying 71 People Crashes

Early on Monday, March 12, 2018, a plane crashed and went up in flames. It was traveling from Bangladesh to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The aircraft reportedly swerved erratically and was moving dangerously low to the ground before the impact. The flight was carrying 71 people, all from Bangladesh.

Unfortunately, only 21 people survived the crash at this point, city officials report. So far, 50 people have died from their injuries from the massive plane crash in the country.

Police and health authorities say the number of people who died could rise because the amount is still not definite. Sadly, many people from the airplane accident are in critical condition at this time. A nearby hospital in Nepal took in the 21 survivors to care for them after the plane crash.

Plane heading to Nepal crashes, resulting in deaths

Reports show that 50 people have died from the plane accident and people are still holding on to any hope at the local hospital. The hospital, Kathmandu Medical College, where the accident took place, says they were treating some of the patients. Reports say there were only 16 still living. There were 67 passengers and four crew members on flight BS211. The United States Bangla Airlines was flying from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Kathmandu, Nepal says a spokesman from the airplane company.

A local newscast arrived at the scene moments after the plane went down and reported that the aircraft was spread into large pieces and up in flames. Thankfully, there were a dozen local rescue workers and firefighters working together to save as many lives as they possibly could. Hundreds of people were also gathering around the wreckage next to the burning field. People were up on the hill watching the rescue workers and firefighter work hard to get the fire out and what remained from the Bombardier Dash 8 Plane.