Fernando Alonso Considered Quitting F1

Fernando Alonso, a two-time world champion, is now considering no longer being a part of the Formula 1. He’s hoping to retire by the of the 2018 season. Alonso, who is from spain, has been seriously considering changing to become a full-time endurance racer. He wants to be a part of the IndyCar racing. The last three years have been a real struggle for him. However the most unfortunate results of his entire sports career.

Honestly, with how he’s been feeling and the results of his scores he does not believe it is his time to step out entirely out of this sport.  He  just knows that somehow he would regret the decision. He want to think on it properly. Also, he says he will always have bad feelings for the rest of his racing career. Fernanodo wants to make the  best decision for him and his family.

Fernando Alonso Debating On Leaving F1 Racing

Reporting from the F1 Racing Magazine says Fernando Alonso has resigned with McLaren racing company. Fernando is only thirty-six years old and love being a race driver includes F1 Racing Magazine. McLaren Racing company has swapped their issues with engines with Honda for the Renault business. Fernando Alonso says he is racing during the two upcoming seasons of 2018 and 2019. He also plans to be apart of the World Endurance Championship which Fernando Alonso will have two shots to win at the Le Mans racing championships.

I look forward to the up and coming racing seasons I still have lots of fight in me says Fernando Alonso. He also includes that he wants to succeed in racing and finish what he started with McLaren Racing business. In the preseason test racing in the previous week The Spaniard set came in as the second fastest time, but they were followed by McLaren Racing Company. McLaren has around eight troubled days that were plagued with no reliability.