Airline Ships Dog Out Of Country

United Airlines seems as though they cannot catch a break. A family moving from Oregon to Wichita, Kansas are without their dog now due to an error from the airline. Instead of sending the dog to Kansas, the dog was on it’s way to Japan.

On Tuesday, Kara Swindle drove to the airport to get her family’s dog Irgo from the cargo facility in at the Kansas City airport. However, once there, she saw that the dog was nowhere to be found. Instead, there was a Great Dane waiting that was supposed to be on a flight to Japan. Both dogs were in Denver at one point.

Soon, she began to panic.

Swindle told reports that she burst into tears not knowing where her family dog was. It wasn’t until Wednesday that she was notified that her dog was in Japan.

Airline Makes Big Mistake

According to Swindle, the dog was without food or water for over 16 hours. Also, the dog is currently suffering from an ear infection and wasn’t able to receive any of his medication.

While in Japan, doctors checked out the dog, and he was fine. The dog will return to his rightful owners per private charter.

This is not the only incident making headlines for the airline. O Monday, a United flight attendant told a passenger to put their French bulldog in the overhead bin, in his carrier. On the way from Houston to New York, the dog passed away.

When it comes to the mix up with dogs from Kansas to Japan Swindle believes that there is footage of the mishap.

She says that she hopes the company will take better care of animals from here on out. Swindle says that the workers treat the animals as if they were luggage. There needs to be a policy in place so that this never occurs again.