Stevie Wonder Takes Side of Bruno Mars

Over the past few weeks, Bruno Mars has been making headlines, and not in a positive light. People are accusing the “That’s What I Like” crooner of appropriating black music and culture. Well, other artists such as Stevie Wonder are standing up for the Honolulu born singer, claiming that he is a great talent.

Last week, writer Seren Sensi had a video come out of her accusing the singer of appropriating Black music. The footage is currently circulating on social media.

Stevie Wonder Stands up for Fellow Musician, Bruno Mars

Stevie Wonder, who is 67, had something to say on the issue. He spoke with TMZ and said that God created music for everyone. He says that people shouldn’t allow insecurities and fears to creep in and limit their actions.

Stevie Wonder thinks that the whole idea is nonesnse. He notes that Mars gives thanks to those who inspire his music. Over the course of his career, Bruno has collaborated many times with African American artists. However, this is the first time, which these allegations of appropriation have made the news.

Bruno’s Father is half-Puerto Rican and half-Ashkenazi Jewish. His mother is Filipino. Siren Sensi, who is also an activist, brought the issue up after the Grammys. Mars was a big winner that night.

She believes that Mars is completely appropriating a culture that is not his own. She claims that he is not black and plays up his “light features” to crossover into genres. Also, Sensi said that people like that receive their black music and culture from those who are not black themselves.

As of now, Bruno is yet to comment on the topic.

In other news on the star, in a tweet from the singer, he asked for the NFL to make the half-time show a hip-hop theme. The reason being that it the 2019 Super Bowl will be in Atlanta. Some call the city the home of modern-hip-hop.