Kidde Smoke Detectors On Recall

Currently, Kidde is recalling almost half a million of their smoke detectors. The reason being, they aren’t detecting smoke.

On Wednesday, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC made an announcement on the smoke detectors. In the U.S., over 450,000 Kidde smoke detectors are being recalled. In Canada, they are recalling 40,000.

Certain models, such as the PI2010 and PI9010 are on recall. They are Kidde Dual Denso Smoke Alarms. Well, the company says that during the manufacturing process, some of the yellow caps were still on one of the two sensors on the detectors. However,  if the smoke detector has the yellow cap on one it’s sensors, it limits the device’s ability to work correctly. With that being the case, homeowners may be at risk of not knowing if a fire breaks out in their home right away.

Reports say that these specific devices were purchased by consumers all throughout the nation. Stores supplying the detectors are Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart, and many other hardware stores. People have been buying them since 2016.

Kidde Recalling Their Smoke Detectors

According to CNET, to determine if you have one of these smoke detectors, the model will be in the shape of a pill. Also, on the back will be model numbers PI9010 or PI2010. If they do match, then the consumer is too look and see if there is a yellow cap blocking the sensor on the detector. The cap is visible, meaning that the consumer shouldn’t have to disassemble the device.

Kidde says for their consumers’ to register for a replacement smoke detector if their unit is one that’s on recall.

There are instructions and photos on the Kidde website that show how to check your own detector.

No other smoke detectors from the brand are on recall. Also, in a report from the company, there have been no injuries due to the nonfunctional detectors.

In a statement, they say that they have been working very closely with the U.S. CPSC to initiate the recall. Also, they say that safety is their main concern, and they want anyone with a defected detector to replace them as soon as possible.