Birth Control Is Now Available Via App

It seems there is an app for everything now. Now, phone applications are helping women who need birth control pills. The convenience and speed at which such services can work help in the grand scheme of things. NURX, a San Fransisco- based company, is just one of many enterprises to provide varying types of hormonal contraception to women. Other companies such as Lemonaid Health and Maven also deliver products to doorsteps. This process does not require a physical visit to a professional healthcare provider.

Current users of the apps have mentioned how appreciative they are about the no hassle privacy and high speed with these services. This process is especially a huge relief for those located in rural areas where birth control resources are scarce. Not only is this process private, but it can also be more cost-effective and less time-consuming. Plus, you’re buying in bulk too.The apps have taken the necessity of long drives to the nearest clinic and even the need to pay for the appointment with a professional.

Birth Control Apps May Not Yet Cater to Your Region

NURX is now available in 18 states. Fortunately, this service is most popular in Texas where many live in what is called “contraception deserts” or areas that have limited access to women’s health services. Also, the app is simple to use. After downloading, the user logs in and fills out a quick questionnaire to help them with their individual needs. Nurse practitioners associated with NURX talk with patients online to help them through the process.  Nurses offer suggestions to help their clients after they give the professionals some medical history and a blood pressure check. Options include birth control pills, a patch or ring, as well as emergency contraceptives.

It also doesn’t matter the time of day when you use the app. In addition, users can leave questions through instant message or even phone calls to the provider. Someone is always available to respond. After all other steps are completed, NURX sends a prescription to a pharmacy after which, the supplies are sent to the patient through priority mail.

Health insurance helps completely cover the cost of one month’s supply. For those without it, services start at $15 a month depending on the brand.