Carbs Could Help in Weight Loss?

Low-carb lifestyles and diets such as the keto diet are building in popularity. However, new research shows that cutting the carbs isn’t a necessity when losing weight. In fact, the British Medical Journal saw that eating pasta can help you lose weight! This low-GI diet focuses on eating foods that take a while to break down into sugars.

Because carb-heavy foods like pasta are typically the enemy when it comes to losing weight, researchers are looking into the starchy food. In their research, they found that among the 32 trials they held that included pasta not only avoided weight gain but often lost it. Even though what they lost was a measly average of fewer than 2 pounds.

The data is designed to address the potential carbs have to interfere with losing weight. Although carbohydrates can be a common concern, there was no evidence to back up these concerns. Even when it was the intent to maintain the same weight, participants lost weight without trying.

Everything in Moderation- Carbs Included

Despite positive findings on pasta and weight-loss, this study is not scientific proof that eating a large bowl of pasta for every meal will make you lose weight. Researchers quantified the amount of pasta eaten in about one-third of the studies. Of those quantified, the median amount of pasta consumed was 3.3 servings a week. These findings mean many people ate less pasta per week than what is served in one restaurant portion.

Co-author John Sievenpiper stresses that eating a lot of pasta, like anything else, will not help in weight-loss. He says that moderation is the name of the game here.

There is also a possibility that the weight loss came from the overall consumption of low-GI foods, not simply the pasta. The study authors admit more research is necessary to find if the results would be the same if pasta were a part of another healthy eating style.

The positive take from this research is the finding that suggests losing weight and eating pasta aren’t exclusive. Nutrition expert, Natalie Rizzo, says that as long as someone eats a well-balanced diet, they can lose weight. Rizzo suggests looking for whole-grain or bean-based pasta that have more fiber and protein than traditional pasta.