President Trump Issues More Russian Sanctions

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his administration took a significant swing at Russia. Trump dealt out an aggressive number of sanctions on Friday, April 6. The Russian sanctions are against top officials, businesses, and those close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The sanctions mark one of the Trump administration’s most massive hits toward the fellow world power. Senior United States officials claim there is no aim to punish Moscow for any particular event. However, it is a broader measure aiming at the Russia’s continued harmful actions around the world.

The United States Treasury and State departments worked to find targets for the sanctions. Seven oligarchs in Russia were targets, along with 12 businesses they either control or own. Seventeen government officials were also hit, as was a weapons-trading corporation.

Russian Sanctions Target Business Leaders

Several other high-profile Russians are on the list, too. President Putin’s son-in-law, who is the chairman of Gazprom, is among them. Gazprom is a Russian-owned natural gas company. It is the country’s biggest company. Also, the Russian Security Council’s secretary and national guard troops’ director are on the list as well.

With the sanctions in place, United States entities are not allowed to deal with the specified people and companies. United States officials say the sanctions will stay in place until the individuals identified help stop the Kremlin’s malicious activities.

The Trump administration listed several global events that helped lead them to their decision. Those events include Russian support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and continuing violence in Ukraine. Cyber activity intended to interfere with democracy in the world is also a factor.

The poisoning of a former Russian spy also may have influenced the administration. The Kremlin allegedly poisoned Sergei Skripal in the United Kingdom. As a response, the United States and European Union expelled dozens of Russian diplomats.

The United States also kicked out 60 Russian diplomats and closed the Seattle consulate. However, Russia sent away 60 United States diplomats and closed the embassy in St. Petersburg as a response.

The Trump administration now has sanctions against 189 people and businesses in Russia.