Royal Wedding Will Be Politician Free

There has been speculation for many months as to whether either the Obamas or Trumps would be invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding next month. The final verdict has, at last, come in: neither.

Kensington Palace skirted the question at hand when it released a statement on Tuesday. No politicians are invited to the wedding at Windsor Castle. Even British Prime Minister Theresa May will not receive an invitation.

In their statement, Kensington Palace said that a list of political leaders both domestic and foreign are not necessary for the royal wedding.

Keeping Things Simple at the Royal Wedding

The couple is breaking with a tradition of British royal weddings. Instead of inviting world politicians and leaders, they are keeping attendance simple. Only close friends and family members and will attend the wedding.

Back in December, British newspapers claimed that there was a lot of diplomatic pressure on the royal couple to invite the Trumps, despite Ms. Markle who is a vocal critic of the president. Downing Street, however, wishes to keep a good rapport with the White House. They will need to negotiate an agreement on a bilateral trade soon after Britain leaves the European Union.

Six hundred guests should attend the wedding ceremony according to the Palace source. This number is based on the size of St. George’s Chapel and the fact that the prince is far down the list to inherit the throne. Therefore, the inclusion of world leaders is not mandatory for the wedding.

Prince Harry is only fifth in line to the throne following Prince Charles, his father, Prince William, his brother, along with his brother’s children.

Although there may be some world leaders at the wedding, their invite will be based on personal relationship to the royal couple, and not in an official manner.

Over one thousand members of the public received invitations from the royal couple to celebrate their marriage at Windsor Castle. Earlier this week, they asked attendees instead of giving them gifts, to donate to charities.

Some charities they listed for options include: sport for social change, the environment, women’s empowerment, homelessness, conservation, and HIV.