White Castle Offers New Impossible Slider

Believe or not, White Castle is adding a vegetarian burger option. The fast-food chain will start selling a burger named the Impossible Slider on Thursday, April 12.

The burger, a product of San Francisco based company Impossible Foods, is made entirely of plants. However, the patty is designed to fool even the most significant meat fans.

New Impossible Slider Impersonates Real Meat

The meatless burger will sizzle on the grill and even oozes juice like a real burger. These factors set the Impossible Burger apart from other meatless patties, such as black bean or olive patties.

The Impossible Slider supposedly smells, looks, and even tastes like real meat. White Castle will debut the new item in their Illinois, New Jersey, and New York restaurants. It will be an option in 140 locations total.

White Castle is the first chain of fast-food stores to offer the Impossible Burger. However, food enthusiasts are expecting other businesses to join in on the craze. Many think White Castle is attempting to get ahead of the curve of the industry.

The Impossible Slider is not the first time the chain is offering up a meat-free alternative, though. In 2017 White Castle announced a slider made with crab cakes. It is meat-free and available seasonally.

Impossible Burger developed their new-wave, meat-free patty to change diets. The startup company wants to help the world move away from animal-based agriculture.

With a growing global population, they fear that system could eventually fail to supply food. However, the company’s meatless burger could help quiet those fears and keep meat-lovers happy. If it lives up to expectations, it has the potential to change the food industry drastically.

Impossible Foods opened a full-scale facility late last year, the company’s first. Once fully operational, they will produce up to 4,000,000 burgers each month.

White Castle will offer up the Impossible Slider for $1.99. It will come on a brioche bun with pickles, onions, and smoked cheddar cheese.