Japan Supports Fight Against Chemical Weapons

On Saturday Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan stated his support of the decision made by the U.S., Britain, and France. That same day, the countries hit Syria with strikes targeting sites associated with chemical weapons capabilities.

After his attendance at a meeting of the National Security Council, Abe told reporters Japan does not support chemical weapons. Be it the production or use of them. He added that they understood the decision came from the mind of preventing a worse situation in the future.

Abe also announced his plan to discuss with U.S. President Donald Trump the Syria situation in Florida next week during a summit.

North Korea, Japan, The United States, Russia, and Syria all Locked in a Strategic Game

Perhaps referring to North Korea, Abe mentioned the presence of a threat of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons is becoming more serious in East Asia. He said that Japan plans to keep with maintaining the peace and stability with the U.S. and the international community.

Trump has outright stated that Russia, an ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad during the country’s civil war, is to blame for the deaths resulting from the alleged chemical attacks. The deaths were of civilians in a rebel-held town near Damascus on April 7.

Itsunori Onodera, Japan’s Defense Minister, says the Syrian situation is concerning for the international community, Russia included. He announced Japan’s plan to analyze the types of impact poor relations with the U.S. and Russia could have on the North Korea situation.

This situation of Japan’s support for the reasoning of the strikes may ring a bell for some. This same situation happened last year when the U.S. sent an airstrike to Syria to retaliate against another chemical attack.

Taro Kono, Foreign Minister, clarified after the NSC meeting on Japan’s message. It was not intended for it to seem as though it held it’s relationship with the United States any different than any other of its allies.

Japanese government stated they would support Trump’s work towards preventing chemical weapons use instead of supporting the actual airstrikes.

Japan is still working on progress with a chain of Russian owned islands. This issue that has been ongoing for decades will be brought up next month in a summit with Vladimir Putin.