Dwayne Johnson Rampages at Box Office Again

As a part of a cursed genre, and not so hot reviews, it’s a miracle “Rampage” didn’t bomb at the box office. Or maybe it’s not such a wonder. After dancing back and forth with “A Quiet Place” for top place at the box office the major reason, the video game turned movie won top spot was Dwayne Johnson.

Jeff Bock, box office analyst, said this is a classic case of star power that boosted the ratings of the new movie. He continued saying that there aren’t many individuals today that can pull this off as well as Johnson.

While Johnson most likely did not break the curse on the video game adaption movies, it’s clear his influence pushed his latest film ahead at the box office.

Dwayne Johnson Rakes in Ratings and Cash from Global Fans

In North America, “Rampage” earned a whopping $34.5 million. Across seas, an additional $114 million was added to create a total of $148.6 million. By itself, China made $55 million for the sci-fi fantasy film.

Bock said if it were anyone else in the film, it would tank. $20 million would be a lucky break for the film if Johnson weren’t in it. It goes to show his power at the box office.

The film isn’t exactly a clear win, at least with North America, especially when considering the $120 million budget “Rampage” had. However, in comparison to other recent video game to film adaptions, the movie did quite well. The premiere of “Tomb Raider” gleaned $23.6 million while “Pacific Rim Uprising” took in $28 million for its opening. With a humble 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, Rampage cleared for the highest rated video-game related movie. Bock explained that viewers are tough on video game adaptions since they’ve done so poorly in past years.

Recently, the only other stars that commanded as much attention as Dwayne Johnson would be Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Rock’s large following overseas plays mainly into the grand scheme of his success. Bock states that domestically, while  still significant, doesn’t hold the importance as it once did. Combining Dwayne Johnson and Giant Monsters for China? You’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

Johnson’s next roll in “Skyscraper” looks to be a promising summer blockbuster. The movie has no existing franchise, however. The big draw is Johnson.