Royal Baby Announced by Kensington Palace

On Monday morning, Kensington Palace disclosed that the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy. Joy spread with the news of a royal baby across the United Kingdom. Prince William was by Catherine’s side for the birth of their third child.

Kensington Palace announced via Twitter that the baby arrived at 11:01 am weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and that both mother and child were doing well.

The most recent addition to the royal family is now fifth in line to the throne. He is behind his grandfather Prince Charles, his father William, his brother Prince George and his sister Princess Charlotte. Thanks to an act of Parliament in 2013, there is no longer a preference for male heirs.

The baby’s birth knocks Prince Harry down a rung in line to the throne who is now sixth in line.

The Nation Celebrates as the Royal Baby Takes His First Breaths

Partway through Monday, a crowd filled with reporters and others sat in front of the maternity entrance of St. Mary’s. Union Jack flags with the type “Hello!” written on them were handed out as a mix of people, tourists and locals alike, milled around.

Even though the royal birth is a bit overshadowed by the other approaching royal event, there is still much talk about the new royal baby.

Parking authorities may have hinted as to the baby’s arrival date earlier this month. April has always been the due date month. However, Kensington Palace was intentionally vague as to when in April. When St. Mary’s Hospital put out parking restrictions from the 9th to the 30th due to an event, people knew the time was close at hand.

Fans of the Royal family have flocked to the hospital, sleeping on benches and tents outside the building for almost two weeks. There, they started talking possible baby names with local journalists as they watched the maternity ward door.

Thankfully, the hospital has been gracious in offering those waiting showers, coffee, and even food.

One possibility tossed around was Philip Michael. Philip like the Duke and Michael for Catherine’s father.

When Catherine’s first son George was born, they did not release his name until the boy was two days old. There are still many speculations as to the name of the new royal, but we may have to wait for a couple of days before they announce a name.