Keto Diet: How to Calculate Macros Manually

Keto Diet is the new “Fad” diet or is it? The Keto Diet is getting your body to start using fat as fuel for energy instead of your sugar fuel to successfully lose unwanted fat. Sounds crazy, but it works! Do your homework and search the internet. If you do, you will find hundreds of articles and videos on the subject with many testimonials.

However, the problem I’m finding is no one explains how to calculate your Macros based on the weight you want to lose. With the Keto Diet, you have to deplete your body of all sugar fuel to kickstart your body into using fat as it’s a new source. So you have to switch around what the typical American recommended dietary pyramid shows is needed. You have to flip the pyramid upside down and make “Fats” your higher percentage instead of “Carbohydrates,” to get your body to switch from Sugar energy to Fat energy.

In the first place, we need to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine how many Macros/ Calories you need daily to lose weight. Macros, also known as macronutrients, are the combination of three main components you derive energy from food: fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

The Keto diet’s goal is to consume these percentages daily from the three macros:

70% calories from fat
25% calories from protein
5% calories from carbohydrates

Equations  to find your Body Mass Index and Excess Body Fat

You will want to know a little bit more about your Body Mass Index to get an idea of what a Healthy weight for you is. Here is how to manually figure out your BMI using a calculator:

Note: Here is how to figure out your BMI using a calculator. Do not hit the equal sign until the end:

BMI Formula: Current Weight in lbs_______ divided by Height “in inches” _______divided by Height “in inches” (again) _________X 703 = ________BMI

Example: You are 160 lbs (pounds) and height of 5’ 0” (60 inches). (Note: Your height will have to convert to inches).
1 ft equals 12 inches.
5 ft equals 60 inches

Using this equation example: 160 /60 /60 x703=31.24 BMI

Next, with your BMI, you can figure how much extra body fat you have by multiplying your weight x BMI and moving the decimal two places.

160 lbs current weight X 31.24 BMI= 4998.4 =49.9 lbs of fat. So take this number (lbs of fat) and minus this from your current weight:

160 lbs-49.9 lbs of extra fat =110.1 lbs (your ideal weight based on Height.)

So when working towards a weight of 110.1 lbs, it’s easy to enter your information into a “calorie calculator”. The calculator determines your calorie intake based on your BMI, height, and activity level.

In addition, there’s a new app called KetoDiet. This free app will help you calculate your calories per day and your macros based on the Keto Diet formula. This is not the typical American Diet Guidelines.

How Much Protein and Carbs Should I Aim to Lose Each Day for the Keto Diet?

Let’s figure out how many macros of fat, protein, and carbs per day to start losing weight fast!

(Your info)________calories per day x 70%=_____fat calories

(Your info)_____calories per day x 25% =______protein calories

(Your info) _______calories per day x 5% =______carbohydrate Calories

Once you have your numbers:

825.3 Fat Calories per day allowed / 9 calories in fat per gram = 91.7 fat grams a day to hit 70% daily goal.

294.75 protein calories per day allowed / 4 calories in protein per gram= 73.7 protein grams a day to hit 25% goal.

58.95 carbohydrate calories per day allowed/ four calories in carbohydrates per gram= 14.7 carbohydrate grams a day to hit 5% daily goal.

Furthermore, you can use this formula for almost any diet that wants you to figure your grams of each macro based on a percentage. If your food calls for a higher percentage of Carbs, just adjust the percent for that category. The calories per gram will always be the same no matter what.

With grams figured out, divide them by three. This will give an estimate of what each meal will look like when eating thrice a day.

My example:
91.7 daily Fat Grams/ three meals =30.6 Fat grams each meal
73.7 daily Protein Grams/ 3 meals= 24.6 Protein grams each meal
14.7 daily Carbohydrate Grams/ three meals= 5 Carbohydrate grams each meal.

Once you figure this part out, it gets a lot easier to figure out a meal plan. The “Keto Diet” app also lets you scan labels. It will figure out all the macros for you per serving.