Oreo Releases Three New Flavors

No, your imagination isn’t tricking you. Those strange-sounding Oreo flavors in the grocery aisle are real. Milk’s favorite cookie revealed three brand-new, fan-created flavors on Monday, April 30.
The new flavors come as a result of the My Oreo Creation contest. The competition was announced in May 2017 and encouraged all Oreo fans to submit a unique, original flavor.

The company received hundreds of thousands of flavors. However, just three are popping up in the cookie section. The company selected winners in December but is only now beginning to sell them.
The trio of flavors is Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn, and Piña Colada. The new Oreos won’t be around forever, though. All three are available until the contest closes, however.

Cookie enthusiasts have until June 30 to taste all three offerings and vote for their favorite. It won’t just be a snack claiming victory, though.

New Oreo Coming To An Aisle Near You

The person who with the winning votes wins $500,000. Not too shabby for flavoring an Oreo. Those wishing to vote can do so at myoreocreation.com or text their choice to 59526.
The three new flavors offer a variety of different tastes and some unique additions.

First up is Cherry Cola. It features the classic chocolate cookie will a cherry cola creme. What is interesting about this entry is the additional ingredient in the middle.

Cherry Cola Oreos also have popping candy, similar to Pop Rocks, inside. That will undoubtedly add an intriguing element to the classic junk food.

However, it is not the only entry to have a new twist. The Kettle Corn version will contain millet pieces for an added crunch.
Millet appears in cereals, granola bars, and other similar foods. The purpose is to remind folks of eating popcorn when the consuming the Kettle Corn Oreo.

Last but not least we have Piña Colada. The final creation is designed to mimic the classic beverage, without alcohol of course. The creme filling has a pineapple and coconut taste. It promises to remind eaters of tropical beaches and warm weather.

Once again, these flavors are for a limited time, so scope them out while you can. Don’t forget to submit a vote for your favorite and maybe see it stick around.