R. Kelly Has Performance Cancled

#MuteRKelly is the latest hashtag on social media as a protest against R. Kelly and the future show happening in North Carolina on May 11th. Brandi Collins-Calhoun is the director for the YMCA reproductive and maternal health in Greensboro, NC. In a letter to the Greensboro Coliseum she says that if there is no cancelation of the show, herself and other leaders of the community would be outside protesting. So far, there hasn’t been any statements from the spokesperson for the Coliseum.

Collins-Calhoun is not alone in the protest. Spotify, music, video, and podcast streaming application company of Sweden, has also joined in the boycott and will no longer promote R. Kelly’s music and has taken everything of his of their personally curated playlists.

This is part of their new policy implemented against Hate Content & Hateful Conduct. Spotify Subscribers are still able to create their own playlist using his music. The policy will also apply to songs R. Kelly performs on as a solo artist or with other artists, like “Same Girl,” which he wrote for Usher.

R. Kelly No Longer Apart Of Tour

There are also misconduct accusations floating around against R. Kelly. Currently, there are six women stating they were there against their will at his home in Atlanta and Chicago as part of a “sex cult.” According to their statements, he abuses them mentally and physically. They have to ask for “permission” in order to leave. Police have been notified by parents of Kelly’s predatory behavior towards their young daughters.  However, there have been no arrests.

R. Kelly was also to perform as recently as May 5th in Chicago with other performers as part of a “Pre Mother’s Day Love Jam.” This is R. Kelly’s hometown. He is no longer apart of the line-up due to accusations he intentionally gave a woman an STD as he was grooming her for a Sex Cult. In a YouTube, apologizes stating he did not know why he was no longer apart of the show. “I never heard of a show being canceled because of rumors, but I guess there’s a first time for everything,” he says on the video. You can see his apology below: