F-150 Pickup Production Hopes to Resume Soon

Friday Evening, Ford announced their hope to resume production of their F-150 pickup trucks. They hope to start back up as soon as May 18 according to the Detroit Free Press.

On May 2, a fire severely damaged the main plant of Meridian Magnesium Products of America Factory located in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

According to the Washington Post, the fire caused problems for Ford as well as Fiat Chrysler, and General Motors. Ford, however, was hit the heaviest as one-third of its structural parts come from that factory.

Ford laid off nearly 7,600 workers due to the pause in production of the F-series trucks. The director of manufacturing, engineering, and technology stated that this could have an enormous impact on the company. Especially compared to the other companies inconvenienced by the fire.

The Ford executive vice president confirmed this later saying the entire supply chain needs rebuilding.

Steps towards getting the F-150 line and others up and running again

Ford Spokesperson, Kelli Felker, says their teams are working around the clock to keep up the production of their bestselling vehicle as soon as possible.

Earlier that week, Ford announced their hope to move their needed equipment from certain parts of Meridian operations in Ontario. However, the logistics involved would bring with them a challenge.

During a shareholder call, Ford mentioned they were working hard to help with reconstruction as well as repair and salvaging any tools they can that will help with the production of their f-150s

Besides F-150 parts, the factory produced third-row seat cushions for Ford’s Explorer, Flex, and Lincoln MKT. It also made lift gates for the MKT.

Their die casting is down, and of their total 15 machines, three or four are down for the count. However, their biggest issue now is roofing. They need to follow protocol before they fire things up. Ford plans to start eight machines shortly when the facility is repaired.

Their facility in Canada is building parts and sending them to Michigan where the secondary work is completed.

Ford is a big part of the market in North America when talking about trucks. Ford’s F-Series as well as their Expedition, and Navigator are significant factors for that market.