Draft Lottery Could Impact Futures of NBA Teams

Despite conference finals in progress, the NBA is focused on the future for this week. Hopefully, this future will have less tanking. The draft lottery is approaching. There, nearly seventy players will join the draft combine starting the 16th. Chicago will host these events, as well as some league meetings like NBA general managers.

The most important of the events in Chicago, however, revolves around just over a dozen ping-pong balls that decide who drafts No. 1 in the coming month.

With a 25% chance of winning the No. 1 pick, Phoenix is in the lead. Followed by Memphis at 19.9%, Dallas with 13.8% and Atlanta with 13.7%. The other candidates are Orlando Chicago, Sacramento, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Detroit, Los Angeles Clippers, and Denver.

Change is Close at Hand for NBA Draft Lottery System

John Paxson, Chicago vice president of basketball operations, said they did what was best for the Bulls in the long-term. He said while it’s not something they ever want to do again, and goes against the beliefs of a competitive person; it’s how the system works.

However, that may be changing soon.

In 2019, the NBA hopes teams have less incentive to work towards the worst record to have the best chances of winning the lottery. The three worst regular-season record each have 14% of winning the pick. The fourth worst will have a 12.5% chance, and the fifth-worst 10.5%.

But the new format for the lottery is n’t the only change ahead related to drafts. It is likely that by 2020, the rule about one-and-done will no longer be in effect. This change will allow players to jump straight into the NBA from high school once more.

Had this change been in place this season, phenoms such as R.J. Barrett, Cameron Reddish, and Zion Williamson, would most likely be on the line to be drafted now, with their fates hanging in the balance of the ping-pong balls. Instead, they are attending Duke this fall.

Because of this, they won’t be at the combine or be likely top two picks in the draft during late June. Deandre Ayton from Arizona declined the invitation to join in Chicago, and Luka Doncic from Slovenia’s season isn’t over yet.